Thursday, September 10, 2009

A lot has happened in the past eight months.

I am still alive, doing well and have been blessed in many ways. My business is doing better than ever. I have been able to settle a few of my delinquent credit cards. My loan modifications are still going on which has saved me thousands because I have not had to make a mortgage payment.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to visit my mother in Sydney, Australia. It felt really good to spend time with my mother, grandmother and the rest of the family. The home I purchased in Sydney for my mother turned out really nice. It is a brand new home with five bedrooms and has a very modern IKEA look to it. Five bedrooms is ridiculous for a single woman, but somehow she manages to furnish every room. I shipped all of her furniture through North American Van Lines out of the Long Beach port. It was cheaper to ship her furniture from here than to purchase all of the same items in Australia.

I've been doing a small amount of traveling. My girlfriend and I have been to Denver, New Orleans and a cruise along the west coast in the past few months.

Considering everything, I cannot complain. Life could be a lot worse. Currently, my focus is on maximizing the potential and profits in my business while implementing systems. I need to find a balance where all of these goals can be accomplished as well as personal time for myself.


Nathan Gardiner said...


How has it all worked out for you? I'd be interested to know how things worked out.


Garrett Norris said...

Everyone loves to see their business grow. this is amazing that you have made profit in your business.
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